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12/29/04 11:09 pm - Trying again!

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12/29/04 11:07 pm - Testing LJ Cut!

12/28/04 11:06 pm - Question....

What do you do when the miracle you are waiting for doesn't happen?

12/21/04 01:02 pm - Best Songs Right now

I'm bored so yeah I'm writing out all of the songs I LOVE right now....

Somebody - Bonnie McKee
I Don't Want To Be - Gavin DeGraw
Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
Mobile - Avril Lavigne
Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
Put Your Arms Around Me - Texas
Old Habits Die Hard - Mick Jagger
100 Years - Five For Fighting
Lose My Breath - Destiny's Child
The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice
Feels Like Home - Chantal Kreviazuk
Shadow - Britney Spears
Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush
Crystal - Stevie Nicks
Come Down - Bush
Such Great Hights - The Postal Service

and I can't think of anymore.... but yes all of those songs are awesome!!!!

12/20/04 08:29 pm - New Alison Theme

Hey everyone... wow it's been awhile since I wrote in here. Anyways I changed my whole Elizabeth theme to a cute Alison Lohman theme! I love Alison! Anyways not much is new with me... I'm ready and excited for x-mas! Tomorrow I'm going to a party which should be fun, let the good times roll baby! I will write with details later... it doesn't really matter because no one reads this anyways!

12/5/04 02:23 pm

Wowwww.... it's been a week since I've written in here. Anyways not much is new.... just am taking a break from the mounds of homework I have. I think I'm going to have a breakdown because I have so much to do. I didn't do ANYTHING this weekend... such a bummer. I really wanted to go see a movie this weekend but didn't for some odd reason. Anyways, I think I'm done for now... gotta get back to allllll that homework I'm stuck doing.

11/28/04 12:21 pm - Noooo

It's such a bummer... we go back to school tomorrow. It's horrible!!! Anyways, my break was alright... Thanksgiving was good except I ate a little to much. I'm still really obsessed with dying my hair red like in the background picture of Cate.... man, I really want to do it. I think my mom doesn't want me to but oh well.... she'll have to deal with it. I don't really know what else to write... nothing new or exciting is going on in my life. I need to remember my lines for my Taming of The Shrew scene... that shall be fun. I'm playing Katherine... fairly easy to play... just be very stuck up and prudish. Alright... I'm done for now... see you later loves!


11/24/04 12:57 pm - Film Survey

What are your top favorite movies and why? Normal because it's about the changes in life and how people adapt to them. It has super acting in it and it really made me think about life. The Crucible, because it's based on true events and it was adapted from a steller play. Big Fish because it's so magical and it makes you believe that anything is possible while watching it. Lost In Translation, because it shows the impact of emptiness and showing how you can form incredible bonds with people in the most unexpected places. Schindler's List, because it's just wonderful. The acting is wonderful as is the directing. Napoleon Dynamite, just because it's incredibly stupid but the humor in it is so funny and original. I love it.

Who are your favorite actors and why? Anthony Hopkins, because the man is wonderful in front of the screen. His acting is unbelievable and he really digs into this characters and plays them to the fullest. Mel Gibson, I love the man because he is controversial and makes movies that mean things to him. His movies always interest me and he reminds me so much of my Dad. Liam Neeson, one because he is super hot and two because his acting is awesome... I love a lot of his movies.

Who are your favorite actresses and why? Without question Jessica Lange is my absolute favorite actress. Her career started of slow and rocky but she was determined and ended up becoming one of the most respected actresses today. I love how she only takes roles that are personally satisfying for her... it's never about the money with her. Joan Allen, because like Jessica she is just so good at acting and she just seems like a very kind person. Joan demands attention when she is on screen whether she is in a supporting or leading role. My last favorite actress is Cate Blanchett because she is so excellent at acting. She is definitely a natural and I love how she has taken on a large variety of roles. I absolutely adore her in Elizabeth.

Who are your favorite directors? I don't really have any favorites but I do like Sofia Coppola, Shekhar Kapur, Steven Speilberg, Nancy Meyers, Martin Scorsese, and Ron Howard ( excuse my spelling)

What is the saddest movie you've ever seen? Probably Dancer In The Dark because it was just so emotionally draining and I don't think I could ever make myself watch that movie again.

What is the funniest movie you've ever seen? Napoleon Dynamite, and Liar Liar.

What is the scariest movie you've ever seen? The Entity, The Exorcist... just because I believe that it can happen and it's pretty scary.

Who are your favorite upcoming actors and actresses? Alison Lohman, Patrick Fugit, and Dakota Fanning.

11/24/04 12:25 pm - Random Stuff

Well, it's Thanksgiving break. A whole five days off. Yes man! Last night was fun...Ally and Linds came over and we hung out in the hot tub and watched The Exorcist.... ahem except they didn't watch ANY of it. They were too scared.... lol. Well now I'm sitting here not doing much.... hmm... heres some random facts... I'm obsessed with red hair right now and I love Cate Blanchett's hair in Elizabeth and I really want to dye my hair that color but I'm not sure it will look good... I want to see Kinsey and Alexander, I really want to get cast in a play because I'm dying to act again, I'm really thirsty and need to go get another Dasani, I still wish I was in New York, I want it to be Christmas, I want to see my puppy Bo, I really want my hair to be long and it sucks because it's taking forever, I wish my dreams will come true, and I think that's it.... hmmm... I can't think of any more random facts!!! Anyways later loves.


11/22/04 01:07 pm - New layout sorta

I added different background and icon of Cate in Elizabeth. This movie rocks life dudes! Seriously... it's very very good. Anyways, not much is new... I'm ready for Thanksgiving break... yes yes! LATER LOVERS.

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