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Random Stuff

Well, it's Thanksgiving break. A whole five days off. Yes man! Last night was fun...Ally and Linds came over and we hung out in the hot tub and watched The Exorcist.... ahem except they didn't watch ANY of it. They were too scared.... lol. Well now I'm sitting here not doing much.... hmm... heres some random facts... I'm obsessed with red hair right now and I love Cate Blanchett's hair in Elizabeth and I really want to dye my hair that color but I'm not sure it will look good... I want to see Kinsey and Alexander, I really want to get cast in a play because I'm dying to act again, I'm really thirsty and need to go get another Dasani, I still wish I was in New York, I want it to be Christmas, I want to see my puppy Bo, I really want my hair to be long and it sucks because it's taking forever, I wish my dreams will come true, and I think that's it.... hmmm... I can't think of any more random facts!!! Anyways later loves.

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