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You could never mean

...nothing to me...

11/21/04 10:08 pm

*sigh* I wish it was the olden days...

11/10/04 07:06 pm - Attack of the quizzes!

You're Actress-Audrey! You like to be in the
spotlight, you love the turn your life has
taken, and you're more successful than you ever
thought you could be. Congratulations!

Which Audrey Hepburn Are You?
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Oh, and to my sweet Almo ( Ally hehe)... I can't wait for our Napoleon fiesta!

11/8/04 04:26 pm - Randomness

You are Morgause.

Which Female From The Mists of Avalon Are You?
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I haven't even seen the movie yet HAHA... but I took the quiz anyways and ended up being Joan's character. Hmm, I might just have to see that movie. Anyways, I'm still pissed over the election and am going to get some sort of Anti-Bush shirt, I surprisingly got an A on my History test, I wish my hair would grow longer, I'm tired and should be doing homework right now and I'm not which sucks because I'm going to be stuck with it later tonight... it's cold and depressed out, I watched Pleasantville last night and it was really good, anddddd I kind of wish I was in New York right now. Okay, since I'm running out of pathetic random facts I'm going to stop. HEHE.


11/6/04 06:04 pm

I have a new icon of Joan... she's so pretty in that picture! Anyways...
I'M SO MAD ABOUT THE ELECTION... I can barely stand it. I just don't understand the stupidity of some Americans... some... uhh more like 50 million? What the hell is going on? I just have to calm down... * breathes* okay, I'm a little better now. Anyways, I haven't done much this weekend, just been watching my neighbors dog! She's very cute. Tomorrow I'm going to go see a movie... hmmm I want to see Saw or Ray.

11/2/04 06:48 pm - Election

I'm heartbroken right now. Bush is winning this election and I just don't understand why people are voting for him! Our country needs a change, we are going straight to the ground with Bush in office. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY. People are voting out of fear because they think Bush has the balls and Kerry doesn't.. but hello people?!? Bush has caused us many enemies because of his stupid insistance to invade Iraq ( an innocent country by the way...) I'm so mad right now I can't even continue typing.... please God let Kerry win. Seriously... Bush is a pathetic excuse for a President.


10/31/04 03:10 pm

Happy Halloween everyone.
I hope everyone is having a crazy one this year... it being on a Sunday kind of kills it though. Such a damn bummer! Anyways I have a new background of Audrey Hepburn... she's so pretty. I love my background of Audrey and icon of Joan... both such talented women. I'm going to switch my background soon though hopefully to Jessica Lange or Joan Allen but it will take awhile because I'm new to this and it takes me forever to figure things out. I'm really bored... right now I'm watching Halloween.. just got done with The Exorcist... pretty scary stuff!
Anyways, much love to everyone!!!


10/29/04 09:34 pm

Yay lookie... my new icon is featuring the lovely Joan Allen. I even made it myself LOL... wow everyone my first real icon and it was hard to make because all I have is paint... but it looks pretty good to me. It works. Anyways, I've been driving like mad crazy lately... scary but addicting at the same time. Good combo, yes?


10/24/04 03:04 pm

I don't know what to write...


10/11/04 01:05 pm - whats up??

Wow... I really haven't written in this thing in a long time... crazy like. Anyways this last weekend was pretty cool... hung out with Linds on Friday. ALLY and MICHELLE'S party on Sat! It was a blast, muah Ally n Michelle hope you guys had a good time! I met a lot of cool people there... it was pretty chill lol Lindsey! Then on Sunday went and saw Napoleon with Linds again! Napoleon is my man! Yeah, not much else is going on... so I'll just stop for now!


7/13/04 08:13 pm - Who Am I?

Which Lost In Translation character are you?


"You're probably just having a mid-life crisis. Did you buy a Porsche yet?"

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